A wide range of Keton resins compatible with all resins and solvents widely used in coatings. It can be used as a co-binder in painting, gravure and flexografic inks, special paints, paper paints, polyurethane systems and hot-melt.

Resanon used as a co-binder improves adhesion, gloss and hardness.

Due to high reactivity of OH with isocyanates, Resanon products are widely used in different types of polyurethane systems (PU-PUR) as adhesive, paints, outdoor and indoor floors and other construction applications.

In printing inks, especially gravure and flexografic inks, it enhances not only gloss and adhesion but also solid content and drying and UV resistance.

Resanon can be mixed with pigments to produces high pigment content (30-40%) tinctorial paste.

In hot melt systems Resanon can be used to control viscosity.

Application fields

Inks, Coatings and Adhesives

Ketone Resins can be used as co-binders in paints, lacquers, printing inks and other inks.

They not only increase the solid content and accelerate drying speed but also improve numerous properties such as hardness, gloss and film building.

Adhesion on various substrates is increased, which together with its resistance to hydrolysis, enhances corrosion protection.


In paint formulations, Ketone Resin makes the final products harder, glossier and more flexible.

At the same time it can reduce viscosity improve adhesion, decrease pitting ,increase solid content, helping the process of levelling.

It is suitable for producing hammer finish, nitro-metal paint, such as paint for mechanical parts and transparent paints for wood.


In printing inks, such as laminated ink, gravure printing ink, surface printing ink, flexography ink, anti-forgery ink and ball pen ink, adding Ketone Resin ( 2 -15% in ink formula) can improve pigment wetting, luster, adhesion, printable,solid content and drying time.

Ketone Resin can resolve the problem of poor adhesion on some substrates, such as paper, PE, PP, PET and PVC and it also improves fluidity and adhesion of ball pen ink. It can be used also in food packaging ink.


It is very suitable to manufacture nitrocellulose adhesive, which can be used for leather, paper and other similar materials.

Polyurethane Resins

Resins such as Resanon 100 and Resanon 121 contain a high level of hydroxyl groups that makes it particularly suitable for combined use with polyoils and isocyanates in the formulation of bicomponent polyurethane systems (PU or PUR 2K).

Our ''urethane grade” resins react easily with mono and di-isocyanates, such as HDI, TDI, MDI and IPDI.

The strong bond created by hydroxyl group and isocyanates guarantees a strong resistance to water, heat and corrosion.

This technology is used in a wide variety of applications including indoor and outdoor floors (for example : industrial plants, warehouses, garages, car parks, etc.) as well as roofs.

The almost infinite possibility of combining colours and patterns makes these systems particularly suitable for finishing floors in designer shops and houses, where the only limit is the designer’s imagination.