It is a trade name of a group of isomerised rubber resins derived from natural rubber.

Resiprene is completely soluble in aliphatic and aromatic solvents and has a good compatibility with a wide range of synthetic resins, vegetable and mineral oils.

It is an excellent binder for paints and varnishes where chemical and heat resistance are required.
Its use as a co-binder improves the performance of standard varnishes by imparting better drying, gloss and hardness to the film.

In printing inks Resiprene can be used to produce offset and letterpress inks with rapid setting and good chemical resistance. Mixed with natural rubber and isocyanates Resiprene is an excellent primer for PP self-adhesive tapes


Application fields

  • Printing inks;
  • Heat and chemical resistant and anticorrosive paints;
  • Primer for self-adhesive tapes;
  • adhesive formulation;
  • Marine paints;
  • Mirror backing paints;
  • Swimming pool paints;
  • Cold galvanizing primer.