Founded in April 1962 in Rovigo as “Resital” for the production of high-end specialty chemicals used in paints, printing inks and adhesives.

In 1972 the company moved to Casalserugo, in the Padua Hinterland where the plant is located nowadays. Production scales up from a laboratory to an industrial output.

During the years the company has grown up as well as the plant. Investments in equipment, technology updates and automation have brought Resine Italiane to consolidate and gain an international supplier status.

Constant research and innovation to respond optimally to customer needs.

The company has modern laboratories for research, development and quality control.
The laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and qualified personnel.

In addition to the range of products normally sold, the Company is willing to supply specific products that are suited to the needs of individual customers.

Resine Italiane S.r.l. is present in the global market with about 80% of production being exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa.

The products of Resine Italiane S.r.l. are inert materials which are not harmful to human beings or the environment.