Since 1962 Manufacturers of Ketone Resins

We offer a wide range of ketonic resins and ciclyzed rubber that are widely used in paints, printing inks and adhesive industries.

We are available to produce tailor-made products to suite the requirements of individual customers.

The company was founded in Aprii 1962, in Rovigo, Italy, under the name Resital, as a private venture to manufacture special high quality products for paints, printing inks and the adhesive industries.
In 1972 the company was transferred in Casalserugo, 12 km far from the city of Padua. The name of the Company was changed from Resital to Resine Italiane Srl.

Resine Italiane Srl manufactures a range of ketone resins used in the production of paints, printing inks, foils, ball-pen inks and adhesives.

Resine Italiane srl offers also different types of cyclized rubber used in manufacture of special paints with good chemical and thermal resistance, in production of quick set printing inks and also in formulation as a primer for polypropylene films in manufacture of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.

The Company has modern laboratories for research & development and quality control that are well equipped and manned by qualified staff, trained to use the latest technology.
In addition to our standard range of products, the policy of the Company is to produce tailor-made products to suite the requirements of individuai customers. We believe that there should be good cooperation between supplier and customer.

Resine Italiane srl is present in the global market with about 60% of the total production that is exported in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.
The resins produced and supplied by Resine Italiane Srl are inert, non harmful materials to human beings and the environment.